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Fit Body Boot Camp + R43 Sensory Kits for Kids Christmas Fundraiser

R43 Sensory Kits are created BY a former foster child FOR a child currently in foster care

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$5,000 goal

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We are excited to partner with Fit Body Boot Camp to fundraise for our new project, Sensory Kits for Kids. Research has shown children in foster care experience heightened sensory needs and increased difficulty regulating their nervous system due to trauma. With that in mind, Reclaimed43 has decided to start creating travel sized sensory kits for children in foster care across Lubbock and the surrounding areas. These kits are curated for different ages, genders, and needs in mind. A child can play with them in the van while driving to school, in visitation or counseling waiting rooms, or in the stands as their foster siblings participate in sports.

Each kit contains items such as: Play Dough, Slime, Kinetic Sand, miniature figurines, toys, and items specific to each theme. For this fundraiser we would like to provide children in care Christmas theme kits for them to enjoy over the holidays.

Thank you for supporting our former foster youth as they learn what it means to help those who are going through the same situations they did as children. It is our hope to spark a desire in each of our youth to serve the foster care population with their unique perspectives and help to make the system better than when they left it.