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Join Us To Create A Reclaimed43 Crisis Relief Fund

Your donations will save at least one youth per yearly quarter from homelessness, food insecurity, and unemployment

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Why Give Today?

At least once every few months, we have a former foster youth come to us in a crisis. Some are the same, some are different, but there is one thing they ALL say, "I don't have anyone to help me." For example, a youth got in a car accident and instead of a parent or friend coming to pick her up from the side of the road, she called us. When it came time to go to work the next day, she didn't have anyone to drive her. After a week of this, she got behind on her electricity bill and needed financial assistance just to keep her lights on. In her story, one incident became a giant snowball of casualties that would have ended in her being homeless if she didn't have us to turn to. This is typical for all of our youth. Their one incident becomes a crisis.

CRISIS: noun; the turning point for better or worse, a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

We are their community in their turning point and the difference between better or worse. For the young woman who was in the wreck, we were able to pay her electricity bill, provide her with Uber gift cards to get to work, and finally, gift her a new car. Will you join us in serving these youth? Will you be their community with us? This fund will be used when a youth is in a crisis and on the verge of losing one of the following resources:

Housing | Electricity | Food | Employment | Safety

Maslow’s Theory suggests until these physiological and safety needs, (AKA: Survive & Live), are met, a person is not able to function optimally in society. Once these needs are met a person can move on to satisfy their Love and Belonging Need. The Love and Belonging need is to have relational permanency and to feel connected to others, to feel like one is part of a group or community.

The Reclaimed43 Crisis Relief Fund will provide these basic needs so our former foster youth are able to step out of survival mode and have the chance to pursue their Love and Belonging Needs in a healthy manner. Our mentor program will then be able to serve former foster youth who have met their basic needs and are ready to work on their relationships. We hope you will join us in giving these youth the best chance possible at living a healthy, independent, and fulfilled adult life!


Listed below is also a link to our three single mom's target registry wish list! Please feel free to donate an item or gift card, our young moms work so hard all year long to make ends meet and we would love to help them out this giving season. Here is a little bit about them...

  1. Jocelyn is a new mama to a CHUNKY 4-month-old named Kurtis, (KJ). She recently aged out of foster care after her two older sisters aged out and has been trying her best to maintain a home, car, and job while raising her son. It's been a difficult road, but she was gifted a car this December and will be getting a new apartment in January!
  2. Sabrina recently joined our mentor program and has made HUGE strides in just two months! She is currently living with her 3-year-old, Jax, and 10-month-old, Julio, at Lubbock Women's Protective Services. She is one year sober and will be there for 6 months while she works and saves for her own place.
  3. Halie went into foster care at 3 years old and bounced around her entire childhood until she was 18. She then aged out and was in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend until this past summer. Through Reclaimed43 Mentor Program, we were able to help her leave that relationship and start a new home with her 5 year-old-son, Zane.

Click the link to view their registry: