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Will you Pledge $1 For Every Person Who Sits in Your Chair in 2023?

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Will you Pledge $1 For Every Person Who Sits in Your Chair in 2023?

Reclaimed43 is Partnering With Eclectic People Salon for a Giving Movement

We are so excited to be partnering with Eclectic People Salon for the giving movement in Lubbock, TX! When Jill and I sat down to visit, we talked about the huge opportunity you have to raise awareness for our former foster youth, and the huge hearts to match it! When we were trying to think of the best way to maximize this opportunity, this is what we came up with.


Pledge $1 For Every Person Who Sits in Your Chair in 2023

As a stylist, you understand and value the deep meaning of dignity. For every person that sits in your chair, you want them to feel like they are sitting on a pedestal, being treated to self-care, and loved on by someone who knows them well. When they leave your booth you want them feeling better, (inside and out), than when they walked in. What's that saying? "Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good!"

We strive to do the same for our former foster youth. As teenagers who were abused and neglected their whole childhood, they have been taught over and over that their voice doesn't matter, much less their self-care. When I was a child, my stepmom would ration how much shampoo I could use, so my hair was always greasy and I would get picked on at school. I can remember sneaking in the mornings to take a shower at 5 or 5:30am, just so I could wash my hair a second time. When I went into foster care, I didn't know I could use more, much less ask for a better quality shampoo. When I was adopted, my adoptive mom was shocked at how little shampoo I used. She thought I was crazy for not using more, but when we talked about it, she and I both realized how different our backgrounds were. I'm thankful I gained a mom who would nurture and care for me so I could learn to take better care of myself. Most of my youth are in their twenties and still don't have that person. That's where YOU come in. With your fundraiser, we can provide the supplies to have a mentor teach each of our youth important self care skills and help each youth feel dignity again. Maybe feel dignity for the first time.

At Reclaimed43, our program is centered around three words:


We believe your business goals line up directly with our vision.

CONSISTENCY develops your relationship with your clients and improves the quality of their hair

CONNECTION makes your chair a magical experience and leaves your clients eager to come back

COMMUNITY grows your business as your clients walk out and brag about the amazing job you do every time

Each hairstylist who takes the pledge will receive a campaign package of their own. Each package will consist of the following:

  1. A QR Code graphic for your booth: This will lead you back to this page! It makes donating easy and convenient to scan at the end of every week. You will have individualized donation amount options as well as a custom donation spot, so you don't have to worry if it's a different amount each time!
  2. A QR Code graphic for your mirror: This will give clients the option to learn more about the amazing work you are doing for Reclaimed43. It will link to our website so clients have the option to donate or get connected to volunteer with us.
  3. An invitation to our exclusive end of year 2023 party to celebrate the end of the campaign. We will have special prizes for the top three donors of the year! You deserve to be celebrated too!

Thank you in advance for your commitment and heart for our youth! What a unique way for the pain and trauma of our youth to be acknowledged, but not given any more power over their future. As a former foster youth myself, I can guarantee this will make them feel seen, heard, and dignified.

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